Who will exhibit?

Manufacturers and suppliers of the very latest and next-generation rail-car interior concepts and technologies will showcase their products and services. The only exhibits on show will be technologies and services that can improve the passenger experience while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint and perhaps even improving safety, durability, and security.

Exhibits on display include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Seating manufacturers
  • Material suppliers including flooring, cladding, and seating
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Washroom facilities providers
  • Flooring providers
  • Interior glazing manufacturers
  • Textiles, sustainable leathers, and alternative material manufacturers
  • Gallery equipment suppliers
  • Sleeper cabin concept and technology suppliers
  • HVAC manufacturers and distributors
  • Composites manufacturers
  • Fire safety and protection technology suppliers
  • Providers of Door systems
  • Manufacturers of Safety systems
  • Security technology makers
  • Passenger infotainment system suppliers
  • Connectivity companies
  • Suppliers of sustainable rail-cabin interior systems and materials
  • Manufacturer of thermoplastic glues

And much more