Show review: Rail Interiors Show 2023


Author: Mankirat Kaur

The Rail Interiors Show 2023, hosted at the PVA Expo in Prague, Czech Republic, on 25-26 October 2023, brought together more than 40 participating companies and over 600 attendees. Organised by the publisher of Railway Interiors International, the event served as a global hub for designers, engineers, specifiers and brand managers eager to explore the forefront of rail-car interior concepts.

A diverse array of companies participated – from Netwiss to DB Regio, N+P Innovation Design and Bakelite Synthetics for example – showcasing the latest developments in rail interiors. The extensive participation underscored the event’s significance as a substantial platform for manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate their innovative products and services.

“The Rail Interiors Show launched its first event in Prague last month – and what a show,” commented Damien de Roche, executive brand manager. “The brand-new exhibition showcased the latest developments in rail interior design and technology, including seating, lighting, flooring and security systems. On top of that, our free-to-attend Open Technology Forum boasted presentations from leading OEMs, designers and operators on issues from sustainability and accessibility to safety, design and the passenger experience. We’re already looking forward to our next edition in 2025.”

Jeremy Oliver, product manager at Tiflex, reflected on the show’s intimate and well-planned nature, stating, “We were pleasantly surprised and very pleased that we decided to showcase our Treadmaster Flooring. Although a small exhibition, comparatively speaking, we found it to be very focused on rolling stock interiors, very well attended in terms of credible and relevant individuals and companies and every stand would have been visited at least once. Unusually, we had several opportunities to speak with the same people, which gave us plenty of time to get our message across in a relaxed manner. We will certainly be returning in 2025.”

Jürg Scheu, chairman at Texat Décor Engineering, highlighted the show’s strategic importance in connecting with customers and other stakeholders. “The Rail Interiors Show is a very good opportunity for us to get in touch with our customers and other interested parties," Scheu said. It wasn’t just clientele from the region around Prague who visited us at the manageable trade fair. The central location and very good accessibility meant that interested parties from surrounding countries could easily travel to us for in-depth discussions. We can say with certainty that the trade fair was definitely worth it for us and that we are already looking forward to the next one in 2025.”

“After many years of experience in the marine sector we recently started intensive activity in the train sector,” said Marcin Parczewski, sales manager at Metalcolour. “The Rail Interiors Show was the right place and a truly amazing experience. It was very compact yet condensed and definitely exceeded our expectations – just two days but a lot of high-quality leads. Within two weeks after the show, we started three very promising business cases. It was one of the most fruitful events for us in 2023.”

Graham Fellows, European transport sector manager at Axminster Carpets, praised the Rail Interiors Show 2023 for generating a steady stream of high-quality potential customers: “The speakers were interesting, and I particularly enjoyed the Alstom A&CD presentation, which was very insightful. It will certainly help us with how we should frame the design work we do in the future as Alstom is one of our largest customers. Thanks for all the organisation as it all went very smoothly.”

Iby Bakos-Tonner, global marketing manager at Muirhead, said: “We had a fantastic time at the Rail Interiors Show, where we had the honour of meeting many high-quality current and potential customers. We valued the quality time we spent discussing the importance of sustainability in interior design, the advancement in seat covers, and how Muirhead can assist the industry in their journey to net zero.”

“Attending the show was immensely beneficial for networking and exchanging knowledge,” continued Bakos-Tonner. “We had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders who share our passions for innovation and sustainability. We look forward to the next edition in 2025, where we hope to continue these valuable discussions.”

The Rail Interiors Show 2023 facilitated collaboration, innovation and celebration of advancements in the rail industry. The great turnout affirms its status as a must-attend event. As the curtains close on this edition, anticipation already builds for the Rail Interiors Show in 2025.