ÖBB embraces summer and winter with new electric trains


Author: Mankirat Kaur

Austrian national rail network operator ÖBB has ordered 27 additional Siemens Desiro ML electric trains that feature modular storage units that can carry either bicycles or skis.

The deal sees ÖBB add to its existing range of 200 electric trains that have a maximum speed of 160km/h and a passenger seating capacity of 220, but these units are set to traverse the company’s alpine-route, so the emphasis is on attracting more hikers and bikers in the summer months and skiers in the winter.

A spokesperson said, ‘ÖBB is creating a total of 24 bicycle spaces in response to the discomfort that cyclists often experience when attempting to travel with their bikes and having to push through crowds due to a lack of space.’

The trains, which go into operation in 2025, will have three cars mated to an additional car to create it a four-car set, with the latter being adapted seasonally to fit either the bicycles or skiing equipment.

Elsewhere, there will be low-floor access, eliminating steps between the platform and train, while  passengers will be able to use a onboard portal dubbed ‘Railnet’ with access 100 newspapers and magazines as well videos to watch.