New software increases capacity


Author: Mankirat Kaur

Over 400,000 passengers behavioural patterns have gone into shaping a new software that will enable rail operators and carriage manufacturers to optimise the use of space on their rail carriage.

The software, that has been designed by Netwiss an Austrian company working with the Vienna University of Technology, has created a software app which adapts vehicle layouts, exponentially increasing operation quality and passenger satisfaction, says the manufacturer.

TrainOptimizer focuses on the needs of the passengers and allows you to make changes very easily in the design phase of vehicles in terms of what will be most effective for its travellers.  Bernhard Rüger, managing director at Netwiss explains that, ‘The output of the simulation are calculations of dwell time, luggage accommodation and actual seat availability. This facility can be used to determine which layouts are both customer-friendly and efficient (e.g. through short passenger changing times and better space utilisation). This feature is an important basis both for purchasing the vehicles and for manufacturing and selling them.’

The service has been utilised by rail operators such as SBB, ÖBB, DB Fernverkehr, DB Regio, NÖVOG, Siemens and Stadler in over 30 projects. The novel software is currently in use by DB Fernverkehr, DB Regio and Ace4Rail. Rüger explains, ‘The licence fees for the software are offered individually depending on the size of the company and the projects behind it. In this regard, a simple request should be sent to us and we can make a customer fit offer.’ Netwiss aims to make this software affordable for all regardless of the capacity of a company, offering high levels of customer comfort.

Rüger goes on to explain, ‘Vehicles optimised in this way have a high achievable degree of utilisation and significantly shorter dwell time, while at the same time offering a high level of customer comfort.'