Netskrt brings ultrafast video streaming to railway networks


Author: Mankirat Kaur

Netskrt Systems has joined forces with BAI Communications to offer passengers what it calls, ‘a superior internet experience’ with demonstrably faster Wi-Fi designed to help rail operators cash-in on the booming in-car streaming demands of today’s rail passengers.

Recent research has shown that almost 70% of the passengers watch more than 30 minutes and even up to several hours of video streaming services when traveling.  

The technology employs eCDNs, which are said to deploy content delivery intelligence in the cloud. Netskrt claims that is the only company in the world supplying such technology for the rail industry. ‘Together with BAI, we have integrated our software solution with their connected transport solutions to give rail operators an overall boost in their current Wi-Fi performance,’ said Lars Cavi, co-founder of Netskrt.

‘Internet capacity requirements are exploding because people are using over-the-top video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon,’ Cavi continued. ‘With our eCDN system, we ensure that our WiFi will be better than streaming services at home.’

According to Cavi, Netskrt’s software solution can work in any location including tunnels and places where there tends to be low connectivity, adding, ‘Operators do not need a sophisticated network, we can complement whatever technology they currently employ and super boost that capacity by a factor of 10.’