Germany's S-Bahn trains for Munich to offer greater comfort and space


Author: Mankirat Kaur

After winning an EU-wide tender, Siemens Mobility will deliver 90 modernised trains to Munich costing more than €2 billion, with the trains set to enter service by the end of 2028.

For the first time in Germany, completely integrated S-Bahn trains with a total length of more than 200 meters will be in use, providing capacity for 1,841 passengers. The contract includes an option for additional trains. Financing for the trains is guaranteed by the State of Bavaria through a leasing model.

Evelyn Palla, Board Member for Regional Transport, Deutsche Bahn AG said, ‘A 200m long S-Bahn means higher capacity, better punctuality, and greater comfort for our passengers. Germany’s most modern S-Bahn trains will be an important component in our efforts to drive the mobility transition in the Munich region.’

The trains will include features such as interior LED lighting that varies depending on the time of day, and also powerful air conditioning system operating with environmentally friendly refrigerants that ensures pleasant interior temperatures even in extreme heat of up to 45°C.

Passenger comfort is prioritised with wide doors, and on busier days folding seats can be automatically locked in place to provide extra standing room. Five out of the 13 cars have large multi-purpose zones that can be accessed through three doors that provide adequate space for prams, bicycles and luggage. In addition to this design, dedicated areas with wheelchair spaces have been created at each end of the train.

Meanwhile, a passenger information system will be located above the doors on the inside and outside the car, on the ceiling and in the transitions between the cars. People with hearing impairments will be able to connect to the information system via Bluetooth to hear relevant announcements. Before passengers exit the train, the displays guide the passengers as they show where the closest stairs or elevators are located on the platform.