Clean Touch Coating reduces bacteria growth by more than 99.99% for rail interiors hygiene


Author: Mankirat Kaur

In a world increasingly conscious of hygiene, EAO brings innovation to the forefront of rail interiors with its Series 57 door opening pushbutton featuring the Clean Touch coating which is set to redefine hygiene standards within the realm of public transportation.

As the need for heightened hygiene awareness continues to escalate, EAO’s antimicrobial-coated door opening pushbuttons have been designed to combat the buildup and proliferation of harmful bacteria, ultimately enhancing safety in public areas.

Public spaces, including trains and stations, are rife with common physical touch points that act as breeding grounds for bacteria. These touchpoints include door handles, buttons, and handrails, all of which facilitate the rapid spread of harmful microorganisms. Traditional cleaning and disinfection efforts, while effective to an extent, are constrained by time-related intervals. Consequently, the concentration of germs and the associated risk of infection fluctuate depending on the frequency of these intervals.

The Clean Touch Solution EAO's Series 57 door opening pushbutton equipped with Clean Touch coating represents a groundbreaking solution to the challenges of maintaining a hygienic rail interior. This technology offers a two-fold approach to combating bacterial growth.

Firstly, both the plastic front bezels and the plastic symbol carrier of the pushbutton are furnished with an advanced antimicrobial coating. This coating is infused with additives that have been rigorously tested and proven effective in independent studies. These tests have shown that the Clean Touch coating reduces the buildup and proliferation of bacteria by an astounding 99.99% or more.

The advantages of Clean Touch coating extend far beyond the capabilities of regular cleaning and disinfection routines. While periodic cleaning is essential, this innovative technology provides an additional layer of protection. It acts as an invisible shield, constantly working to suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms, even between cleaning cycles.

Furthermore, the introduction of Clean Touch coating addresses a psychological aspect of passenger experience that is equally important – the fear of contact. By knowing that they are interacting with a surface actively fighting against bacteria, passengers can feel more at ease. This increased sense of safety in public spaces ultimately encourages individuals to travel by train with greater confidence.

By significantly decreasing the growth of bacteria, it not only enhances safety but also boosts passenger confidence, making train travel a more comfortable and secure experience for all.