Designing for sustainability – how material science and process improvements can drive sustainability in the rail industry.

26 October 2023 13:05 - 13:45

The ultimate goal is to create products that are not only functional but also environmentally responsible and socially conscious. 

Join us for an exclusive panel discussion featuring two prominent figures in the rail industry. They will delve into innovation and strategy, focusing on the materials aspect with Henkel and the design and manufacturing perspective with Alstom. During the conversation, they will explore emerging technologies, novel practices, and forward-thinking policies aimed at fostering sustainability within the rail sector. This collaborative effort promises to yield benefits for both the participating companies and the environment at large.

Augustin Grillet, R&D Director – RSC Interiors, Alstom

Orcun Karakisla, Global Market Strategy Manager, Rail, Henkel Industrial Adhesives, Henkel Industrial Adhesives

Maija Kirveennummi, Sustainability Lead, Henkel Industrial Adhesives, Henkel Industrial Adhesives