Prioritising emotional design in train interiors for people with disabilities

25 October 2023 11:05 - 11:45

The global rail industry has been adopting enhanced accessibility measures, which have led to improvements in the basic functions for people with disabilities. However, the emotional aspect of travel for people with disabilities has not received the same level of attention as that for able-bodied passengers. 
Designers strive to create spaces that resonate with people's hearts, and it is essential to extend this emotional consideration to people with disabilities. 
Designers should ask themselves questions such as: How does the space feel and appear from a wheelchair height? Why do we always present the rail interior design from the perspective of full-height people? Have we considered how the colour palette looks to those with low vision or colour blindness? Have we considered designing a haptic touch mood board for people with partial vision? How about sound and smell? 
By prioritising these emotional considerations, people with disabilities will be treated with equal consideration, and the overall travel experience for all passengers on the train will be enhanced.

Weiwei He, Director, tangerine