Midlife Upgrade? Sustainable refurbishing, recycling materials and reducing costs

25 October 2023 15:05 - 15:30

ARTEX refurbishes around 20,000 seats annually in Swedish facilities, processing and reusing hundreds of tonnes of materials into their newly refurbished seats. In this short session, ARTEX will demonstrate reductions in Co2E (carbon dioxide equivalents) and costs by choosing refurbishment instead of brand new interior design.

It is More than Foam!

The Vita Group is a manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foams. For over 70 years we have led the pursuit of innovative, sustainable products for comfort, cushioning and protection environments.

Metzo, the Aviation and Rail specialist within The Vita Group, develops and manufactures a wide range of products to provide seating solutions for safe and pleasant journeys.

Today we are pleased to share our sustainability journey with you as well as to introduce our latest innovations for the Rail seating industry.Because it is more than just foam.

Bjorn Samenius, Owner, Artex