Brand Identity: Effective design technologies for the future of brand and national identities

25 October 2023 12:25 - 13:15

The integration of cultural differences in the design of public transport vehicles – Thomas Konig
As a designer, it is always important to pay attention to authenticity and to identification. This is especially true in design work for public transportation. Passengers who also have a privately owned car, or even drivers we want/need to attract to public transport will always talk about "their" car.  How can we designers manage to convince them of "their" public transport? This can only be achieved through authenticity. It is important to keep in mind that cultural and historical influences can already be relevant from city to city in order to define: what fits to our region, what is authentic?  How different might the perception then be between countries? Using examples from Germany, Qatar, Switzerland and China, Thomas König shows exciting solutions from Tricon's work.

Creation of a mobility brand in public transport - Marvin Kempa
Strong brands in regional public transport are rather unusual. Usually, it is the municipal operators who maintain a strong brand. A special situation can be seen in local public transport in Germany where  all regional transportation has been organized independently by the 16 federal states since 1994.  Marvin Kempa uses the example of the German states of Baden-Württemberg and Schleswig Holstein to show how strong mobility brands can also be developed and successfully implemented in regional public transportation, independent of operators.

Thomas König, Chairman, Tricon Design

Marvin Kempa, Designer, TRICON Design AG