TrainOptimizer by netwiss

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TrainOptimizerĀ® is a special service division of Netwiss and includes both comprehensive consulting and the offer of special software in the field of rail interiors development and layout creation. Based on more than twenty years of scientific analyses in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and on data of more than 400k passengers in the European area, we have exact knowledge about the behaviour and requirements of passengers when boarding and staying in rail vehicles. Special knowledge lies in the choice of seats, luggage handling and passenger change over.

We help you to create vehicle layouts that best meet the requirements of passengers, offer a high level of customer comfort and at the same time are very efficient in terms of space utilisation, seat occupancy and luggage storage. Vehicles optimised in this way have a high achievable load factor and significantly shorter dwell times, while at the same time offering a high level of customer comfort. In addition to higher revenues, punctuality can be significantly increased through shortened dwell times and energy savings potential of up to 20% can be achieved, which includes significant cost benefits in addition to sustainability.

Both our advice and the software can be used for all vehicles, for redesign as well as for new ones, for high-speed trains as well as for commuter trains or metros.

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