TDE Texat Décor Engineering AG

Stand number: 413

We are a Texat decor engineering AG (Tde) from Switzerland. Founded in 1990 in Zurich, Tde relies entirely on innovative customised solutions and individual creations. In the neighbourhood of Zurich, a small and competent team is working every day to provide high-quality interior equipment for its customers, as well as passengers and public transport staff.

Tde offers interior solutions for public transport. We are specialised in shading systems for driver cabs and passenger compartments. We also do fast prototyping and serial production. Other product categories supplied are floor coverings and upholstery fabrics in cooperation with long-standing partners. We also offer various specialist products and strive to find an appropriate solution for all needs our clients may have in interior design. Objective of the choice of materials and ease of use is the safety of the passengers.

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