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Muirhead lowest carbon leather is natural and beautiful but also delivers outstanding durability, exceptional technical performance, breathability, flame-resistant, lightweight, easy cleaning and even antimicrobial properties. Our market-leading warranty and high performance qualities dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership.

When it comes to flame retardancy standards for rail seat coverings, our certification involves a combination burn test. Muirhead's testing lab is fully equipped to test full-seat constructions up to EN45545-2 and EN16989. We support rail seat manufacturers to confidently certify a full seat with leather upholstery, whether for a new build, refurbishment, or upgrades.

Muirhead LightCore™, with 33% reduced weight, is re-engineered for the next generation of passenger transport without sacrificing thickness, strength and durability, helping to extend the range of electric vehicles and reduce emissions of conventionally powered stock.

We recently launched 'cut and sew' and full seat cover design and production service, taking our commitment to innovation and improved sustainability one important stage further. 

Making the world's lowest carbon leather, recycling water, and repurposing process waste as fuel for our unique thermal energy plant, Muirhead is good for the planet and offers huge benefits to the rail industry.

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