MK Seats

Stand number: 239

A good seat is an investment in health, safety and working comfort.

MK SEATS offers design, production, installation and service for a wide range of seats for special vehicles, maritime and trams. The company has 20 years of experience in the industry. Thanks to this, the products offered meet the highest ergonomic criteria and function well even in the most demanding conditions.

We focus on individual approach to each client. We are a company that knows and understands that its customers are people who know the specifics of their workplace.

We not only offer ready-made products, but also carry out highly individual projects.

We are a team of well-coordinated and knowledgeable professionals.

The great advantage of the company is that we have our own and independent sewing workshop, which produces upholstered furniture according to European standards. Depending on the customer's requirements.

MK SEATS offers a complete project that includes both the seat and the supporting structure with the column and its modules.