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Stand number: 200

After 50 years of providing the highest quality laminated metals to the marine industry Metalcolour announces its presence to the world of trains. Dobel F105 Film Laminated Metal could not be better suited to the design and manufacture of tomorrow’s train interiors. We want to inspire innovative solutions to design challenges.

Dobel F105 is extremely durable, containing an additional protection layer ensuring the interiors stay as beautiful as they are intended to. The product is very light and easy to form, making it highly suitable for use within train interiors.

 Made in Sweden, extensively tested and fully approved to meet the highest fire safety standards according to EN 45545 HL3, the sheets can be processed in as many ways that you can think of. With over 400 colours, textures, patterns and designs on stock, and over 1000 on request, the only limits are your imagination.

Consider the applications. Of course there are walls and ceilings but Metalcolour sees huge potential in seating, tables, acoustic solutions, doors, the list goes on and on. Dobel F105 offers designers freedom to express themselves and to create unique environments for train journeys of the future.

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