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AB-Tec manufactures customized engineered thermoplastic web adhesives in roll-form for lamination. The web adhesives for continuous production are in roll form, dry, heat-activatable, breathable, flexible, solvent-free, with limited penetration into porous or absorbent materials.
Classic applications in rail are lamination for interiors materials, e.g., seat covers (made of textile, leather or synthetic leather with foam and scrim), composite applications, armrests, side panels, cabin- and cargo flooring.
Based in Germany AB-Tec offers an extremely versatile pallet (based on Co-PA, Co-PES, Co-PO, Co-PP, Co-PU, Co-EVA and blends) of High-Tech adhesives.
To process the web adhesives three fundamental parameters are to be considered: temperature, pressure and time. On customer request, delivery on a carrier is possible.
In doing so the company is not only able to call on many years of its own experience, but also the know-how of the world’s leading manufacturer, Spunfab Ltd., based in Ohio/USA.

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